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What drives me most in the work I do is bringing practical, constructible, and pragmatic solutions to projects with ambitious sustainability and performance targets, and aiding clients in achieving these goals.

Shahrzad Pedram is an integral member of the Entuitive leadership team through her role as Associate.

Shahrzad is an Associate at Entuitive in the Building Envelope team. She has worked with an array of clients in market housing and non-profit residential, commercial, institutional, government and healthcare sectors on various construction types.

On new construction projects, she has provided project design teams and clients with energy performance targets and assessments of building enclosure assemblies in early design and feasibility stages, quality assurance design review of architectural drawings and specifications, evaluation of value engineering proposals, field testing, and construction field review.

On existing building projects, Shahrzad has provided building enclosure consulting services to clients to address energy efficiency retrofits to meet GHG emission mandates, repair and rehabilitation of deteriorated elements due to water ingress, end of service life building enclosure renewals, material specifications to meet durability targets, and upgrades to building enclosure elements due to changes in occupancy and building uses.

Shahrzad is a Certified Passive House Designer. She holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Science in Building Engineering, and is a past instructor in BCIT’s Masters of Building Science program. She has taught building enclosure fundamentals to the next generation of practitioners with an emphasis on consideration of operational and embodied carbon emissions, and the built environment in a changing climate.


Building Envelope New Construction, Building Enclosure Commissioning, Passive House, Building Envelope Remediation & Retrofit


Shahrzad Pedram



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