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Entuitive Celebrates Five Years of Carbon Neutral Operations

Updated: Feb 27

carbon offset
Lake County Afforestation is one of four organizations supported by Entuitive to offset its 2022 carbon footprint (photo: City Forest Credits)

Entuitive is proud to have completed our 2022 internal greenhouse gas (GHG) audit including Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions.

Through a measurement of our corporate GHG footprint on a yearly basis, Entuitive has identified the areas with the largest emissions, and is taking proactive steps through our operations and financial commitments to address our impact on climate change.

Entuitive’s carbon footprint data is organized in the following categories:

Scope 2 emissions make up 35% of Entuitive’s 2022 GHG Footprint, and include:

  • Office emissions: electricity, gas, steam reported by office office location

Scope 3 emissions make up 65% of Entuitive’s 2022 GHG Footprint, and include:

  • Business travel: includes air, land, and water corporate and project travel

  • Work from Home Utilities

  • Employee Commuting

  • Supply Chain and Cloud Service Emissions


Armed with years of data, we are updating our Low Carbon Operations Policy, soon to be made public to support AEC industry adoption of low-carbon business solutions. As we work toward reducing our carbon emissions, Entuitive has purchased high quality, verified, and certified offset credits to offset the emissions we were unable to avoid.

The below snapshots capture the projects we selected to support to offset our 2022 GHG emissions.

Through this process, we've learned much about the methodology of quantifying operational carbon emissions. We are always excited to share this knowledge with our peers, colleagues, and clients in the AEC industry and beyond.

The process of gathering information and selecting high quality offsets is not a straight forward one and we welcome all opportunities to share the knowledge we've built over five years of auditing.


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