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Introducing the Refreshed Entuitive Brand

Today, we announced a refresh to the Entuitive brand in an email to our clients and stakeholders. We are incredibly excited to share this update and the story behind it.


We’ve updated our typeface, color palette, and imagery treatments. We’ve also evolved our brand promise from Simplifying the Complex to Champions of Uncompromising Performance.

We have redesigned our website to serve as a portal to all things Entuitive: our unique approach, a service offering that spans the entire lifecycle of an asset, access to our leaders, and career opportunities for city building experts who, like us, crave something different.


When we started out in 2011, Entuitive was primarily a Structural and Building Envelope consulting engineering firm. As our clients’ needs evolved, so did our response in how we help them succeed. In nine short years, we have grown in numbers, geographic regions, and how we approach doing business.

We have added several services to ensure we continue to drive value for our clients and provide opportunities for our people. As we kick off 2020, we have an expanded core service list that now also includes Advanced Performance Analysis, Fire Engineering, Special Projects, Restoration, Renovations, Construction Engineering, and Bridge Engineering.

Over the last year, we worked with an external partner to identify how best to reflect this evolution with the Entuitive Brand. As part of this process, we conducted research with key stakeholders, speaking in depth with our clients and our own subject matter experts. We quickly learned what both have grown to expect and value from Entuitive: a passion for our clients’ success, the depth and breadth of our expertise, and our commitment to collaboration at every step of the process.

What resulted was an update to our brand promise to reflect how we have continuously adapted to drive uncompromising performance. This, paired with a newly polished and approachable creative strategy, is the culmination of our efforts.


We define uncompromising engineering performance as the tangible value we produce for our clients, guided by our core purpose. We provide value using a deep understanding of their needs and applying both innovation and design excellence to deliver. We take pride in our ability to provide value as we anticipate, deliver, and measure our impact on asset performance across the entire lifecycle, from conception through to end of life or renewal.

You can learn more about our approach here, and our commitment to a holistic design approach here.


Everything that is special about our firm is reflected in our culture, which has been steadfast since day one.

There is a not-so-secret sauce at Entuitive. Once you’re here – once you’ve had the pleasure of being a part of, or working directly with, our team – the secret sauce becomes more tangible by the day. We have a very special group of people here; connected by purpose and guided by shared values.

I personally find great pride in leading and working alongside such creative and engaged team members every day. It’s also very important to us that potential employees understand how deeply we care about our team’s ability to realize their own potential, and our content will continue to reflect this. The refresh is meant to inspire our people as much as it is for our clients. It reflects our bigger aspirations to design a sustainable future, and making that happen starts with them and is reflected in the work they do every day.

As storytellers, our Marketing and Communications team works to share the many ways in which we support our people and leverage their talents to serve our clients. From the celebration of our leaders at every level to helping our people turn innovative ideas into reality, there is a whole world for Entuitive employees to be challenged and fulfilled by. Our people are our brand and they are the greatest reflection of Entuitive.

Our original logo remains unchanged – as does our core purpose to build a better world in service of our people, our valued clients, and the communities in which we live and work.


We look forward to continuing to share more of the stories that showcase what makes Entuitive different.

One great way to stay informed of this content is to read our new bi-monthly newsletter, which also launched today. You can sign up here to receive regular news and valuable content from all corners of our firm.

In the meantime, please have a look around the new site, and let us know what you think. If you have any questions, reach out anytime.

Jennifer McKay Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications


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