Engineering Performance for a Sustainable Future

We define performance as the tangible value we produce for our clients, using a deep understanding of their evolving needs and applying both innovation and design excellence to deliver. This value is the result of our ability to anticipate, deliver, and measure our impact on asset performance across the entire lifecycle, from conception through to end of life or renewal.

It is underpinned by our Commitment to Technical Excellence.

It is driven by our purpose to build a better world in service of our team, our valued clients, and the communities in which we live and work.

How we do it

Anticipate Your Needs

We develop deep relationships with our clients to fully understand their goals and asset's potential, both immediate and long term. 

We explore all that is possible within the built environment. We use a creative approach and define our success through performance benchmarks and tangible value creation.

Deliver Value

We are a partner in the realization of your vision, optimization of materials, assurance of constructability, and return on your investment. We engineer assets to provide utility, efficiency, resiliency, adaptability, and sustainability.

We lead the collaboration of many toward your vision, and the application of advanced technology to deliver the solution you need.

Measure Performance

Performance is the measurable result of our integrity in design and precision in engineering. It’s the proven impact of our contribution to your asset’s value.

We use data and analysis to enable continuous learning and advancement, supplemented with research to build objective insights that inform decision making and contextual innovation.

"It’s sometimes easy to forget how powerful good design can be, not just for the few, but for the many. Most people spend 80-90% of their lives inside buildings. The choices we make are important." 

Tanya Luthi, Vice-President, Structures

Learn more about how Entuitive approaches engineering challenges, and discover why Engineering Performance matters for your project.

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