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Sustainability Spotlight: Building Performance Analysis at Entuitive 

Updated: May 1

What Is Building Performance Analysis?  


Building performance analysis, which encompasses energy modelling and building simulation, evaluates a building's energy use considering factors such as climate, construction materials, envelope performance, and the building's mechanical and electrical systems.


Integrating these variables with the architectural design enables us to generate a comprehensive prediction of a building's operational energy consumption and carbon footprint, applicable to both new constructions and existing structures.

Empowering Our Clients 

Leveraging building performance analysis at Entuitive empowers our clients to:

  • Realize their architectural visions while achieving energy efficiency and sustainability objectives.

  • Adhere to local building codes, including the BC Step Code, Toronto Green Standard, and Calgary’s Sustainable Buildings Policy.

  • Prepare for third-party certifications, including LEED, Built Green, CAGBC Zero Carbon Building Standard, among others.

  • Maintain budget fidelity through value engineering, identifying the most cost-effective sustainability strategies for their projects.

Diverse Expertise for Tailored Solutions


Our multi-disciplinary team boasts a diverse background in architecture, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and building science, and we work in close collaboration with our in-house building envelope group. This collective expertise provides our clients with a comprehensive understanding of their projects’ energy performance from multiple technical perspectives.


By leveraging our diverse expertise and collaborative approach, we ensure tailored solutions for achieving high-performance outcomes, managing costs effectively, and maintaining exceptional design quality. We are proficient in navigating complex regulatory environments across North America and beyond. Meet Our Expert: Salah Imam

Salah leads our energy modelling team, applying his expertise in sustainable design and advanced energy simulations to low-energy building projects. His work is fueled by a passion for sustainability, cultivated during his architectural studies and furthered through his Ph.D. research on performance-based architecture.


Want to learn more? Reach out to Salah! 




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