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The ENtrepreneurial Spirit: Matt Smith Develops Fire Engineering

Updated: Jan 31

Entuitive was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit. The firm’s founders wanted to do things in the engineering world a little differently and deliver great projects for great clients with our values and culture at the forefront of how we work.

As such, the entrepreneurial spirit is part of the foundation of Entuitive, giving everyone at all levels a platform for participation.

The development of our Fire Engineering service is a prime example of how one of our people took an idea from concept to reality.

Matt Smith, now an Associate, has had an interest in fire since childhood thanks to his father’s service as a firefighter. As a Structural Engineer, Matt saw an opportunity for Entuitive to provide more performance-based services that meet and exceed building code guidelines and expectations. While at Entuitive, he completed two master’s degrees at Carleton University and the University of Toronto, specializing in fire engineering and structural resilience, which further supplied him with the knowledge and experience to develop the service at Entuitive.

Watch Matt explain the full story of the development of Fire Engineering at Entuitive.


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