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I believe design challenges are best solved with a creative approach, in close collaboration with the owner, design team, and builder. The earlier we're involved, the better we can imagine and integrate solutions that may even exceed the original project vision.

Brock Schroeder is an integral member of the Entuitive leadership team through his role as Principal, Managing Director.

Brock is an integral member of the Entuitive leadership team through his role as Managing Director. He has always maintained the importance of balancing his leadership role and a hands-on project role. Brock works hard to foster a collaborative relationship with clients and the design team from the earliest stages of a project through to the end of construction. It's a partnership-oriented approach that he's cultivated during his 20 years serving the design and development industry.

Brock is recognized for his creativity and in innovative ideas to structural design challenges. His solutions are founded in a thorough appreciation of his clients' building performance objectives and exhibit a deep understanding of the architectural design narrative. This is thanks to his awareness of client business objectives and understanding of architectural design, construction methods, and co-consultants' contributions.

Brock's diverse portfolio includes commercial, sports and recreation, cultural, healthcare, institutional, retail, residential, and justice projects.


Structural Engineering


Brock Schroeder

P.Eng., LEED® AP


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