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Shaping a Better Future for the Built Environment

As structural engineers, our aim is to deliver uncompromising performance for our clients and the communities where we work. We do this through our day-to-day work delivering great projects for great clients, and through our contributions to several code committees, helping to develop the standards that guide our industry with continuous improvement.

Years of experience delivering unique, complex, and high-performance-based buildings and bridges has led to recognition among industry experts and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). We are proud to advance the industry, ensuring safety, efficiency, and innovation on every project.

We believe we are better together.

Read on to learn how our people are helping to shape the built environment.

Saleem Haq, Principal

Code Committee: CSA (Canadian Standards Association) S16 Design & Construction of Steel Structures

Saleem is a Principal at Entuitive leading projects in the commercial, residential, and transportation sectors. With over 27 years of industry experience, Saleem's diverse portfolio includes a variety of building types in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Middle East, and Asia. He also has extensive expertise in the design of tall buildings.

“This year will see a new release of the CSA S16-24 Design & Construction of Steel Structures. I’m proud of our work evolving this standard for steel design. Building codes are becoming more complex and sophisticated, requiring more computing ability, the use of high-strength materials, and advanced analysis. The advancement of material codes is key in applying creativity for advanced performing structures. At Entuitive, we’ve contributed to unique and tall structures that have required advanced analysis. It’s a great pleasure and rewarding to be able to offer my experience, amongst industry and academic research leaders, to help evolve the standards and progress the pace of innovation.”

First Canadian Place Critical Infrastructure Upgrade, Toronto, Ontario

Image courtesy of Turner Construction

Entuitive provided structural engineering services for the placement and integration of critical MEP infrastructure on top of the existing podium of First Canadian Place.  Using custom long spanners, and steel elements to support vibration sensitive equipment without disrupting operations were essential for the project. Careful planning of the construction sequencing and unique structural steel solutions led to Entuitive being recognized for innovative use of structural steel.

Tom Greenough, Senior Associate

Code Committee: CSA A170 – Volumetric Modular Construction

Tom is a Senior Associate at Entuitive with over 15 years of industry experience working on projects in the cultural, institutional, and residential sectors. He is also currently working on numerous projects involving offsite and modular construction across North America and leads Entuitive’s offsite and modular design team.

Tom’s introduction to volumetric modular construction was on the Cheatham Street Flats project in San Marcos, Texas. His interest and experience have grown as he’s worked on projects in California, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas.

“With CSA A170, we’ve produced two guidelines: Z250 – Process for Delivery of Volumetric Modular Buildings; and Z252 – Volumetric Modular Construction Guide to Compliance and Approval. Currently we are working on Z251, which will be related to the design of modular structures. Modular construction is becoming more and more popular as a method of construction. I’m proud to be able to contribute to the understanding and promotion of modular in our industry.”

GEM Residences, Windsor, Ontario

Image courtesy Petretta Construction

The GEM Residences provide accommodation for 512 students on the St. Clair College Campus. The building includes 295 volumetric modules manufactured by Z Modular and has lounge areas on each level and a large dining hall at the ground floor.

Matt Smith, Associate

Code Committee: CSA S16 - Design & Construction of Steel Structures, Annex K Structural Design for Fire Conditions; ASCE 7 Fire Protection Committee

Matthew is an Associate at Entuitive with more than a decade of experience. He focuses on fire safety engineering, with a keen interest in resilience. Matthew leads Entuitive's fire engineering and building code consulting service and is regularly consulted throughout the company on fire safety topics.

“Both the CSA S16 and ANSI/AISC 360 steel design standards include appendices on performance-based structural fire engineering that outline how competent structural and fire safety engineers can design structures for fire scenarios to meet the performance requirements of the code. This is very exciting as it gives us a North American reference for designing complex steel structures, where the prescriptive acceptable solutions are known to be inadequate (i.e. bilinear steel columns), or where the prescriptive fire protection has an opportunity to be optimized by placing it where it is needed as opposed to blanketing a structure. This level of analysis to demonstrate fire safety is common elsewhere in the world and is gaining more traction here in Canada with very real benefits to our projects.”

Matthew’s graduate studies in both fire safety engineering and structural engineering were instrumental in gaining the necessary expertise to contribute to Annex K in CSA S16.

The performance-based methods of CSA S16 are seeing increased adoption in Canada. Matthew has used this approach to optimize intumescent paint on a steel moment frame structure in Ontario, leading to significant schedule and cost savings. He is also currently using them to design an office building in Alberta that leverages tensile membrane action to eliminate fire protection on all secondary steel beams while improving the connections and continuity over girders to achieve better performance.

A Commitment to Technical Excellence

Our commitment to technical excellence extends beyond individual projects to the AEC industry. As consulting engineers, we have a unique perspective to offer when it comes to the development of building codes and standards. To learn more about Entuitive’s work, and our involvement with code committees, reach out to Saleem, Tom, or Matt.


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