Fall protection systems include equipment suspension anchorage, fall arrest anchorage, and fall restraint devices. They are a pivotable component to a building’s exterior maintenance requirements.

We review existing fall protection systems and design new systems, as mandated by Canadian regulations. Our experts understand each aspect of the fall protection system and its vulnerabilities.

Applied Technical Expertise

Fall protection systems are designed to a high degree of safety to protect both the personnel using the equipment and the surrounding public. These systems are vulnerable to harsh weather environments, constant loading and unloading, and potential fall situations. As such, they must be regularly reviewed, and defects and deficiencies must be corrected in a timely manner.

Our firm’s comprehensive understanding of the Canadian Standards Association CSA Z91-17 “Health and Safety Code for Suspended Equipment Operations” and respective Occupational Health and Safety Regulations allows us to provide efficient assessment of existing systems and effective design of new systems.

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