The building envelope is everything that separates the indoor environment from the outdoor environment, the complex system of parts that work together to keep occupants dry, warm, and comfortable.

Cladding, the portion of the exterior wall that acts as a coat, is also an important architectural feature of any building, and can be the largest source of heat loss, solar heat gain, air leakage, and water leakage. Recladding is the opportunity to improve the performance of a building asset, extending its life and value.

We look at each asset holistically to deliver improvements that provide maximum value and performance.

Ensuring a High-Performing Building Envelope

Our team of experienced Structural Engineers and Building Envelope Specialists combine deep expertise with the latest technological tools to provide detailed building envelope and structural system investigations, analysis of roof framing elements, infrared thermography, boroscope reviews, energy modelling, and more.

We work with our clients to extend the life, value, and performance of the building asset.

Contact us to learn more about our Existing Building Recladding & Revitalization service.

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Three Hills School Recladding

Three Hills, Canada
Three Hills Public School sought an addition to provide extra classroom space and link the two original buildings.
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