Exterior building rendering

Simulating building performance has rapidly moved from being a good idea to an essential part of the design of high-performance buildings. Building performance analysis allows us to consider all aspects of a project and how its environment will impact performance to maximize energy efficiency and reduce project costs.

We help architects make essential design decisions by analyzing the performance impacts of complex architectural geometries and systems. By providing feedback on performance indicators, such as thermal comfort, access to daylight, air flow, and overall energy consumption at all stages of design, we enable design teams to push the boundaries of architecture and engineering with confidence that sustainability targets will be achieved.

What Makes Advanced Performance Analysis Different with Entuitive?

Our Performance Analysis team works at the cutting edge, using the latest software tools for detailed daylight, climate, and thermodynamic modelling, and more. These advanced technologies enable informed design decision-making in a way that works with the natural environment rather than against it.

Building performance analysis is no longer exclusively for the highest-performance projects but can add value to any design process. By asking key questions of a building’s design at early stages, we can influence the environmental performance of the completed project in a way that is impossible when simulation is only considered for validating compliance.
Exterior building rendering

Advanced Building Performance Analysis includes climate and site analysis, daylight and glare analysis, energy modelling and building simulation, massing and orientation analysis, natural ventilation analysis, passive survivability analysis, and thermal comfort analysis.

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