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Entuitive Grows Sustainable Performance Group, Bolsters Commitment To Sustainability


Entuitive has announced the addition of green sustainable building consultancy 3 Point Environmental to its team and publicly shared its Sustainable Performance Strategy, demonstrating its commitment to delivering uncompromising sustainable performance.

With the addition of 3 Point, Entuitive can now offer a full suite of sustainable consulting services to its clients. New services that will be added to Entuitive’s portfolio include Green Building Certification Consulting, Feasibility Studies, and Management Planning; Environmental Construction Support; Environmental and Urban Master Planning; Green Products Library for Certification Compliance; Environmental Construction Operations (ECO) Planning; Sustainable Policy Development; Material and Costing Studies; Environmental Compliance/Regulatory Services; Low-Carbon Code and Legislation Consulting; Integrated Design Workshopping and Charrettes; Facility Operations Management; and Sustainability Specifications Writing.

“The addition of this talented group provides an opportunity that neither 3 Point Environmental nor Entuitive could have realized on our own. It is a demonstration of our commitment to providing a holistic and thoughtful approach to integrating sustainable design principles into our projects through all the services that we offer,” said Entuitive’s Managing Director, Brock Schroeder.

The 3 Point team includes Lindsey Kindrat, Associate and Director of Sustainable Consulting; Leanne Conrad, Green Building Project Manager, Sustainable Buildings; Stephen McAdam, Energy Performance Specialist; and Kat Gajewska, Consultant/Green Building Project Coordinator.

“Joining Entuitive is the right decision for our team for a number of reasons and is a real reciprocal opportunity,” said Lindsey Kindrat, Associate and Director of Sustainable Consulting. “For 3 Point, we can now expand our reach and have access to additional resources to help further our impact in a space we are passionate about. The Entuitive team’s dedication to sustainability makes this a great fit for us, and their One Company culture makes it easy to work with their existing Sustainable Performance Group across the firm.”

The built environment plays a large role in contributing to climate change, with almost 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions attributed to that sector.[1] Globally, our current trajectory of carbon emissions is on track to exceed 3oC of temperature rise above pre-industrial levels, which is far above the 1.5oC we need to target. All of this despite a slight dip in 2020 due to Covid-19, which isn’t expected to last.[2] There is a growing demand for forward-thinking firms who are making climate change mitigation a top priority, and growing support from governing bodies to implement low carbon, future-focused solutions.

Entuitive’s Sustainable Performance Strategy underlines a commitment to being part of the solution to climate change by reducing the negative environmental impact of buildings and infrastructure. Through their four pillars of Sustainable Project Delivery & Carbon Reduction, Supporting Innovation through Research & Development, Community Engagement & Education, and Low-Carbon Operations, they are delivering on that commitment.

From in-house development of parametric tools, such as CarbEN, firm-wide education and upskilling in low- to zero-carbon design, to an annual auditing of their own corporate footprint and financing carbon emissions reduction projects equal to their excess emissions, Entuitive is working to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon way of life.

“With 3 Point Environmental and Entuitive coming together, our reach into new communities and markets bolsters the execution of our Sustainable Performance Strategy in a meaningful and effective way. As professionals of the built environment, we have a duty to significantly reduce the carbon emissions associated with our work, and we see many opportunities to make that happen. We thrive on leading the implementation of sustainable design solutions that deliver high-performing assets for our clients and resilient solutions for our communities,” said Emily King, Entuitive’s Sustainable Performance Lead.

Entuitive’s existing suite of sustainability services, which include Embodied and Operational Carbon Analysis; Whole-Building Lifecycle Assessment; Carbon Assessment & Studies; Net-Zero Design; High-Performance Feasibility Analysis; Deep Energy Retrofits; Thermal Comfort Modelling; Natural Ventilation; Climate & Site Analysis; Energy Modelling & Building Simulation; Daylighting & Glare Analysis; Building Resilience & Adaptability; Building Code Consulting (Fire & Energy); and Building Envelope Commissioning, are a compliment to the services that 3 Point Environmental brings and together allows us to deliver holistic sustainable solutions.

“Building performance simulation has moved from being a good idea to an essential part of the modern design process that is increasingly the first task in establishing the design parameters for high-performance projects. With the addition of 3 Point Environmental we continue to expand our abilities and capacity to deliver the low-carbon buildings that are necessary to address the climate crisis,” said Tristan Truyens, Entuitive’s Building Performance Lead.



Alison Wood
Communications Manager


[1]Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction & UNEP, “2020 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction: Towards a zero-emissions, efficient and resilient buildings and construction sector,” 2020


[2] UNEP & UNEP DTU Partnership, “Emissions Gap Report 2020”, 2020


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